Sunday, December 9, 2012

Going to Guat for Gabby

Searching for Peace in the Country That Gave Us the Most Precious Gifts of our Lives

In January, four friends will accompany me to Guatemala on a search for peace...a search for the bigger picture of my life in the broken world in which we live.  I know that is big expectations in one little trip.  But it's something I feel I have to do.  Something that I owe to myself and to my daughter.  I'm hoping for a trip that will change my life for the better....and help carry me through until I reach the day when I am reunited with Gabby again in Heaven.

The friends going with me have come into my life at various stages of my life.  They don't know each other well, if at all.  But I feel this trip will be life altering for us all.

Cast of Characters

Lee - College Sorority Sister, Mom of 7. I have to say that Lee has held my hand through much of my adult life.  She has been with me through college, career, marriage, infertility, adoption, and also death.  She has always been there for me...and for that I am truly grateful.  I know she is a much better friend to me than I have been to her and I certaintly haven't done anything to deserve her friendship but for it I am forever thankful. 

This is a picture from 2009 of Lee, Stacy, and myself at a Phi Mu reunion.  Would love it if  Stacy came with us also...Hint...Hint :)

Karin - Where do I begin....before July 19, 2011, we were merely aquaintances.  We knew each other simply because our daughters were good friends.  Karin litererally forced her way into our lives after the accident.  She didn't say "Call if you need anything".  Instead she said, "I'm on my way over".  And she has continued to be there for us for almost 18 months.  I could write an entire blog on what all she has done for our family.  Karin honestly does define the word "compassion".  She really is one cramazing lady with a cramazing family.

Lauren - I met Lauren through her Mom/my friend, Karen.   I've watch Lauren go from a High School Student to a Master's Degree Graduate.  Lauren has been our baby sitter and our house sitter but most importantly she has been our friend.  She came to our side when we needed help the most.  She sang beautifully at Gabby's service and  she kept Tucker at a time when he would not have been happy with any other person.

Tucker loves Ms. Lauren and still hopes to marry her one day!  I don't know which he will be more upset going to Guatemala without him or the fact that Lauren will be with me the whole time :)  I bet it's the latter!

Tamara - I didn't meet Tamara, like a lot of Guat Mamas, until after the accident.  We have felt so much love from the Guat Adoption Community and Tamara was one of those individuals who embraced our family.  I became interested in the hogar/orphanage she started in Guatemala after international adoptions closed and I began communicating with her on ways to help.  Through Gabby's Cramazing Race in July 2012, almost $10K was raised for El Amor de Patricia.  It was Tamara's encouraging that the vision of this trip arose.  Tamara not only has a heart for Guatemala, but she has put those feeling to work by providing vulnerable children in Guatemala a home...a real home....a home filled with smiles, hugs, and hearts full of love.   


Please join us on this journey through reading my daily blog while we are in Guatemala this January!